On Vacation 9-12 thru 9-17 2013

On Vacation 9-12 thru 9-17 2013

Hey guys, I know you are used to a daily blog post from me, but I am on Vacation until 9-17. During the time away I will be refueling my jets, and spending time with my family. I know it’s an odd time for a vacation, but in my life you have to take them when you can. I hope everyone understands and will rejoin me when I return. With that said, if I find some time to break free I just might post a little somthing.

See you guys real soon, Sincerely Thomas Shue

    • johnhnewton
    • Sep 14th. 2013 6:32am

    Anytime is a good time to get any and spend time with the family. See ya when you get back.

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