Big Names Mean Nothing When Buying Camera Gear.

Big Names Mean Nothing When Buying Camera Gear.
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*EDIT* Go to the bottom of this post to see the final solution.

Hi, today I want to share a story that really pisses me off. First off I want to say, I am not one to try to bash people or stir the pot just to see what kind of reaction I can get (like a troll). However this story needs to be told. Have you ever heard of Digial Rev? They’re a company based in Hong Kong that sells and exports all sorts of photography related gear for a discount. They are also very popular because they do lots of camera gear reviews and put them on YouTube.

The main character of Digital Rev’s videos is a skinny kid named Kai Wong, and he is a character to say the least. He breaks all sorts of camera gear and basically has zero respect for anything so it seems. I guess that kind of disrespect for gear is good for ratings because they have a ton of views & followers. In fact they are so popular that several well-known pro photographers (Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, David Hobby) have been flown out there to do videos with ultra cheap junk cameras (lego camera, buzz light year, ect..) to show it’s not about the camera.

Now that you know a little about Digital Rev, they did something that I find despicable. They sold a well used 5D MK III for full price to an unsuspecting customer. In my world used is used, and new is new, there is NO grey area. Most of the gear I buy is online because I can save some money. If you are like me you try to do business with people you can trust. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on gear you should get exactly what you pay for. If you spend $3200 for a 5D MK III body, it better damn well be brand new when you get it. The customer that bought the camera in questions is named Rob Dunlop.

Rob, got the camera and had been using it for a few months when he found out he had been taken. There is a website that you can go to called where you drag and drop any image made with your camera (or type in the serial number) to find your stolen camera. The way the program works is it extracts the metadata from your image file and in that file lives your camera body’s serial number. Rob was bored one day, so he put in the serial of the camera he got from Digital Rev and low and behold there were other files on the web made with his camera. Digital Rev had used Rob’s 5D MK III to do at least two video reviews of lenses. Rob is quite the blood hound, he proves without a doubt his camera was used by Kai, and at least one other person on his blog.

The blog post is called ‘Hey, DigitalRev, that’s MY camera!” you need to click on the link and go see it for yourself. If this happened to me I would be so angry I don’t know what I would do. Not only would I be pissed that I paid the full price for a camera that was used, but I would be even more pissed that Kai had his grubby hands on my camera at all. If you watch Kai in action, you will know what I mean (I hated to see him trash a 7D). Digital Rev has not commented yet, but it doesn’t matter what they say. Some will say it will be interesting to see what Digital Rev has to say on this matter. I say, no matter what excuse they try to offer, this is way past lame, In my opinion, they took a shot and got caught. I don’t know what it would take to make me happy. I guess I could live with a brand new camera body and never ever do business with them again.

I wont even start in on the guy who bought a 5D MkIII from Dell and got wood flooring in the box instead of the camera. This story goes to show, big named companies mean nothing when it comes to buying camera gear. I will stick with B&H and Adorama for all my big stuff, craigslist and eBay for the rest.

I will update this post as soon as Digital rev responds to the problem. Have a great day. Sincerely, Thomas Shue

UPDATE to this whole mess.

Ok first off I forgot to update this post because I am a very busy man. Secondly there is just no excuse for this kind of thing to happen, no matter the reason. Excuses are like Assholes, everyone seems to have one.

So if you go to this link ans scroll down you will see the response from Digital Rev to the matter discussed above. In summary Digital Rev tried to explain how this happened, The explained the procedures for how merchandise is pulled and moved around the company and how it was a mistake to ship the wrong merchandise. Nothing that really excuses what happened, just excuses. In the end they offered three options.

1) You may return the camera to us for a full refund. We’ll send a courier to collect. (Lame in my opinion. They should of shipped him a new camera for 1/2 price)

2) You may return the camera to us for a replacement. We’ll send a courier to collect. (Again Lame, they should of sent a Brand new body with a call tag to return the camera plus a check for 1/2 the value of what was paid for the camera (a partial refund).

3) If you chose to keep the camera, you may choose product(s) on DigitalRev Online Store for a sum up to £600. We can send you a cash voucher, or you can simply let me know by email and they’ll be on their way to you. (Only if the guy that was duped decides to keep the misrepresented camera, do they offer him $600 bucks for use to buy merchandise at their online store. Again that is lame, they are getting a deep discount on merchandise so they offer him a retail discount on merchandise they get for a wholesale price.)

I think Digital Rev should of gone to extraordinary measure’s to take care of the customer. Hell he should of got to keep the camera for free. This would prove without a doubt they made a legitimate mistake and not just trying to make a deal for the least amount of financial struggle because they got caught.

Lastly I got a nasty gram from someone in “HongKong”, (I wounder who that could be) because I had not updated this blog post. Here is what this fine human had to say. “Nice to see that keep your word… Don’t your mama teach you to be a man?” Well there you go sir, I did keep my word.

In closing, I still don’t think I would buy from them, I will stick to B&H or Adorama for now!

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