ICE, ICE, Baby…..!

ICE, ICE, Baby…..!

Today I will be talking about the Ice Light from FJ Westcott!

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I think we all have heard the song “Ice Ice Baby”, the hip hop song, by rapper Vanilla Ice. Well today I want to talk about an Ice that is a little different. However it can make your video and still images sing. It’s the Ice Light from FJ Westcott, one of the best lighting companies in the world.  Almost a year ago I got to play with the ice lights at the 2011 WPPI Vegas trade show. I have to say they are incredible, a bit expensive but worth it if you shoot video and stills. A perfect tool for a wedding photographer. I caution you, if you buy one you will kick yourself for not buying two.

These lights are LED, dimmable, daylight balanced and super rugged. They have a slot on the front that allows you to gel them to match various lighting conditions. They have a cast aluminum base with a 1/4-20 thread so you can mount it on a stand, a boom, a super clamp, heck just about anything. I envision these lights on a boom in a night club over a crowd. I think it’s just the ticket for so many hard to light places. They have a built in battery that lasts 60 mins at full power and come with a charger that allows you to use them while it recharges.

A Wonder Image by Jerry Ghionis “himself”

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Last year I was lucky enough to be helping out at the Westcott booth during 2011 WPPI Vegas when they asked me to assist as a human light stand for an interview. I have to say the Ice Light is an amazing light. It should be seriously considered if you are a wedding and portrait photographer, a videographer or anyone that needs a modern solution for lighting in a small area that conventional lights just wont work. These lights will seriously open up a new world of image making to anyone, because for me it’s always about the light.

Yours Truly as “The Human Light Stand”

A Great Video Showing the Capabilities of the “Ice Light”.

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